Thursday, August 21, 2008

Tselogs Tapas Cafe

Today, my roommate and I went to Tselogs Tapas Cafe, located in Daly City, for dinner . They have a small menu of quite delicious Filipino dishes. My roommate and I both had the Chicken Sisiq which the waitress reccommended. It was yummy and friendly on the wallet. Only $5.99! I sound like an infomercial. Buy now before it's gone!!!!We also had the Buko Pie with vanilla ice cream. Soooo good. I asked the waitress what Buko was and she said it was a young coconut. I 'm actually not a fan of coconut. However, the pie didn't really taste like it so I loved it.

Overall, the food was good, the waitress was very friendly and the decor of the restaurant was adorable. I'd definitely go again. And for all you iPhone users, they have free Wi-fi too. Check it out if you're ever in Daly City.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

YSL at the De Young

Coming to San Francisco’s De Young Museum on November 1st, 2008 is Yves Saint Laurent, a forty-year retrospective that explores the designs that made Saint Laurent famous. The exhibition celebrates the life of Yves Saint Laurent and showcases forty years of creativity by the Maison Haute Couture Yves Saint Laurent, whose unique style blends references to the world of art with allusions to pop culture and social revolutions. The exhibition will include over 120 accessorized outfits belonging to the Foundation Pierre Bergé – Yves Saint Laurent as well as Saint Laurent’s drawings, photographs and videos. This exhibition marks the first major retrospective of Saint Laurent’s work in over 25 years and the only U.S. stop of this touring exhibit.

The exhibition, Yves Saint Laurent, will be divided into four themes:

Masterful Pencil Strokes — follows his work from sketch to final garment. Within this grouping are garments that emphasize the body through slits or draping as well as a look at his masterful use of silhouette through magnified volumes in garments that defied gravity such as bubble skirts, trapeze dresses and voluminous cloaks.

The YSL Revolution — explores how Saint Laurent’s signature garments form the foundation of contemporary fashion design from which many of today’s designers take their cues. Groupings include YSL’s outfits inspired by men’s tailoring; the repurposing of functional wear such as safari jackets and pea coats into haute couture, and what became his signature: “le smoking,” a man’s tuxedo adapted for a woman first presented in 1966. Also featured are pieces from his famous 1971 collection in which he reintroduced hyper-sophistication while the rest of the world was focused on the hippie and feminist movements.

The Palette — known for his palette of candy-colored hues, this section demonstrates how YSL dared to use color in a way that broke the rules of traditional fashion design. Groupings here illustrate his fascination with exotic cultures such as Morocco, Russia, Spain and China as well as his use of clashing color palettes, textures, geometry, embroidery and prints.

Lyrical Sources — features the most spectacular examples of the art of the haute couture and its many inspirations. Groupings here cite YSL’s references to history; the art world including Mondrian, Fauvism, Pop Art, and artists Picasso and Braque, literary sources such as Shakespeare, Oscar Wilde and Jean Cocteau and finally YSL’s fascination with flora and fauna through his use of prints, animal motifs, feathers, pelts, flowers and sumptuous embroidery.

The De Young Museum is known for putting on excellent fashion-y exhibitions such as the past Vivienne Westwood retrospective and Nan Kempner: American Chic so I’m sure this YSL exhibit will be brilliant as well. Don’t miss out, the exhibit runs from November 1st, 2008 to March 1st, 2009! You know HAC will be there roaming the exhibit halls!

hac (heart attack city)

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

What's a girl to do for love?

Bat for Lashes (Natasha Khan) is someone you're going to love. Watch her video, What's A Girl To Do?, and you'll see exactly why:

Right? HAC is always looking out for you, and for BMX riders sporting animal masks biking in a choreographed fashion to eerie-licious melodies. Khan totally won us over with this one and director Mattias Montero (a house favorite!) carried out the creepiness we all know we love but are sometimes hesitant to admit.

The video was found after realizing Montero directed Lykke Li's video for Little Bit. He again uses a continuous shot from start to finish with a desaturated and almost overexposed effect, as well as double timing, aka slow-mo vs. fast-mo. It definitely works in achieving great feeling and helping to express what each artist feels:

talk about emotions and inspiration! i draw both from these two.


Wednesday, July 30, 2008

HAC on Refinery29!

Writer Sydney Pfaff (read: TenderNob Travel Guide) gave our blog a plug in today's article reviewing the Acrimony + April77 event we attended last friday here in San Francisco.

Read the full story now!

thanks sydney!

Friday, July 18, 2008

I Love Counting, Counting to the Number 4

Feist on Sesame Street, duh:

She's hot, penguins are neat, video's pretty cute; but you have to admit the baby-friendly lyrics made it kind of eerie! Right? That or the fact that I can't help but think about all the toddlers who might never come to realize all that is Leslie Feist. Think about it—do you remember all of your favorite guest appearances from the ages of 0-5? Probably not.

Wonder if she'll rejoin Broken Social Scene for any upcoming projects, seeing that she's probably too cool now.

Wheee! Or as the image might suggest, Roooarr!

Work it girl, work it.

For Cyn, BSS - Lover's Spit:

And cover a la Feist:


P.S. She's playing in Berkeley tomorrow night if anyone's interested; 40$ a pop.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?

We're not dead, promise.

To keep you happy and entertained while we regroup and reassess, here is the first music video from She & Him duo, actress Zooey Deschanel (Elf, The Happening) and singer/songwriter/guitarist M. Ward:

Cute, huh? So cute that many Zooeys, in fact, were decapitated in the making of this video. "Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?" was directed by Ace Norton who has worked with numerous artists we love, from Death Cab for Cutie and LCD Soundsystem to Simian Mobile Disco and Santogold. Check out his work at (and be sure to watch Desmondh's review on this video—funny guy).

This past March I saw the two in concert at the Great American Music Hall here in San Francisco as part of Noise Pop 2008 and I have to say Zooey is just as cute live as she is on screen. Below are some photos from Brooklyn Vegan:


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Bike to Work Day - Tomorrow

First off: Welcome back, C!

Tomorrow is the annual Bike to Work Day, when Bay Area citizens (and everyone else!) are invited to bike to work instead of driving. Last year the number of workers that biked outnumbered cars, and I'm sure tomorrow the case will be the same (if not greater) especially with these high-rise gas prices (4$/gal, wtf?). Who wouldn't run out right now, as of this moment and grab a nice, pretty bicycle (C)? There are rentals, too! Do it, even if to bike just to a) the market, b) school, c) the beach, or d) go shopping!

Dion in the Mission, w/ bicycle!

Tomorrow comes in perfect timing--the weather's been very pleasing and my flat is fixed! It already sounds exciting, but it gets even better: on you can read up on where to find sponsored Energizer Stations to fill up on coffee, snacks and even tote bags for traveling! Check out this neat-o Google Map with little bicyclist icons:

View Larger Map

The green icons each represent what they call a Bike Bus; at numerous locations you can find guides who will lead groups on easy routes to bike around the city. Biking with new friends, how ideal!

Note: Visit for traffic overviews.

You know you love me where to find me tomorrow.


P.S. Sorry, I couldn't resist the GG mention! Georgina = devil!